Open Source Libraries Scan (SCA)

Starting Scan

We can start an online scan by clicking on the SCAN button on top right

We choose Github for this example.

Once clicked get a repo to scan. For the demonstration purpose we take Vulnado.

We clone the repo and paste it like,

Hit the green plus sign and scan

Scan with start

Once online scans finishes we get the result like following

Above picture shows that we scanned a project names “vulnado-test” which has our pom.xml (SCA JAVA) and other scans. Let’s dive into that.

Once you click on it you will be redirected to a page like following

Which will contain the following information about your SAST scan

  1) Project Scanned

Named of our current project. In this case vulnado-test

 2)  Scan Date

When scan was performed on which date and at what time

 3) User’s Email

Which user performed this scan, we show their email address

4) RuleId 

Which rule matched our sets of backend rules. We show that

5) Vulnerable Depedency 

Vulnerable dependencies with exact verion

6)Description of CVE 

More information about the vulnerability that dependency have

 7) Patch

How to fix that issue

  8) Filter Severity 

	      -  To filter your results based upon the criticality 

Once sca scan is done, we can patch the vulnerable dependencies directly from UI if Source Control (Github/ Gitlab/ Bitbucket) is configured and you know that repo.

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