User Management

User management tab allows the super admins to view the status of all the invited team members for each team in a single dashboard. Under this tab,only super admins can add new users,change the existing member’s role, remove or deactivate the existing members if necessary. About every action detailed below.

Landing on the ‘User Management’ page SuperAdmin can manage all the users.

First we can see the slider at the top which switches all users list and deactivated users list. Then we have an opportunity to change the user role. There are 2 states, when you are allowed to change the role and not. If you are not allowed to change the user's role the role is grayed out.

User roles description:

  • Super Admin: Super Admin has access to all the functions available under a particular team. They can change the role of existing team members if required.

  • Team Admin: Team admins have the access to control the activity of team members only.

  • App User: The app user role allows the assigned member to test the basic scans using the application that you have inserted. Other team administrative functions are not available in the app user interface.

Possible reasons why you cannot change user role:

  • User is the owner of the organization (Owner - the person who created the organization, only the owner can manage SuperAdmins, and nobody can change data about the owner. If you want to change the organization owner, contact support).

  • User has the same role as you (You can only change users roles who is less privileges than you).

  • User has not accepted the invite yet (status pending).

  • User is deactivated.

There are 3 different actions that you can perform on users in the team management. Menu with the actions is available after hitting the ‘menu’ icon (3 dots) on the right side of every user entry;

  • Deactivate user - You can deactivate a user from your organization. Users will not be able to login to your org anymore if you deactivate them. You will see such users with the ‘deactivated’ status;

  • Remove user from the team - You can remove users from the selected team but keeps in the organization;

  • Resend user invite - This resends the invite to the user, if he has not accepted it in time.

Invite Users to the Organization

Click on the ‘plus’ icon in the section and you will be redirected to the adding user screen.

To add users you have to fill 3 fields: Insert user email, choose the user role, choose the team. All steps are required. If you don't have a team, before adding a user you should create it.

Click here to know more about User Roles

After inviting, the user will be notified by email and automatically added to your organization and the team you wanted to add to with the pending status.

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