Micro Focus ArcSight Logger

Micro Focus ArcSight Logger is a comprehensive solution for security event log management for easier compliance and efficient log search.

  1. For configuring CloudDefense’s HTTP API with ArcSight logger, we will use the FlexConnector feature from MicroFocus ArchSight logger.

  2. Obtain a Vulnerability listing Rest API from CloudDefense https://console.clouddefenseai.com/api-v2/integrations/application/584174528

  3. Above API endpoint requires Application ID in end, to get list of all vulnerabilities, you also need to send 1 header with key “apikey” and you can obtain your api key from - https://console.clouddefenseai.com/profile-management

  4. Now, you need to create a custom parser within your ArcSight, We recommend you at this stage follow all instructions, mentioned by MicroFocus arcsight logger

You can follow this official documentation for more clarity, get in touch with Microfocus customer support in case of any other configuration issues https://www.microfocus.com/documentation/arcsight/arcsight-smartconnectors-8.3/pdfdoc/RESTFlexConn_DevGuideConfig/RESTFlexConn_DevGuideConfig.pdf

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