Integration with ServiceNow

In order to create a new integration with your organization’s ServiceNow account, please consider the following guidelines.

Step 1: Select ServiceNow from Integration Tab

Once you are done with team creation, open the Integration Tab and then click the ServiceNow option under Team Tools.

Step 2: Create New Integration with ServiceNow

You must select the NEW INTEGRATION button, which is indicated in the accompanying image, and enter the necessary data for your team account to link with the team in order to integrate your existing ServiceNow account to the ClouldDefense ServiceNow Team Tool.

Step 3: Input necessary information from your existing ServiceNow account

Please enter all the data required for your team (optional), project, and ServiceNow integration credentials. In order to effectively integrate ServiceNow into the Clouddefense product, kindly give all the necessary information. To help you understand, we have included sample input.

Step 4: Integrate ServiceNow Account

Once you are done inputting all the valid information, then click on INTEGRATE button.

Within a few seconds, the system will successfully merge your ServiceNow account. The indicated interface will appear.

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