IaC on Docker Hub Scan


To integrate Docker Hub, users must have the following requirements available.

  • Docker Hub account

  • Private images in Docker Hub

To Scan Public Images

Go to ‘Applications’ -> ‘Scan’ -> ‘Other’ -> ‘Docker Hub’ and insert name of the image you want to scan:

After the scan new application with the name of the image will be created:

To Scan Private images

Step 1: Create Access Token in Docker Hub.

Go to ‘Account settings’ -> ‘Security’ -> ‘New Access Token’. Fill ‘Token Description’ and choose Read-Only access permission:

Click on ‘Generate’ and copy your Docker Hub ID and Access Token:

Step 2: Add Docker Hub integration in CloudDefense.

Go to ‘Integrations’ -> ‘Container Coverage’ -> ‘Docker Hub’. Paste your Docker Hub ID and Access token and click ‘Configure’:

Step 3: Scan your private images.

After successful configuration you can scan your own images.

Go to the ‘Integrations’ -> ‘Container Coverage’ -> ‘Docker Hub’ or ‘Applications’ -> ‘Scan’ -> ‘Other’ -> ‘Docker Hub’ -> ‘Your own images’ and choose the image (images) you want to scan:

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