Integration with Jira

In order to create new integration with your organization’s Jira account, please consider the following guidelines.

Jira Cloud

Step 1: Select Jira from Integration Tab

Once you are done with team creation, open the Integration Tab and then click the Jira option under Team Tools.

Step 2: Create New Integration with Jira

To add your existing Jira account with the ClouldDefense Team Tools Jira, you need to Click the NEW INTEGRATION button as marked in the following picture and input the required information of your team Jira account to link with the team.

Step 3: Input necessary information from your existing Jira account

Please input all the necessary information related to your team (optional), project, and credentials for Jira integration. Please provide all the valid information to successfully integrate Jira into the Clouddefense tool. We have given sample input for your better understanding.

Step 4: Integrate Jira Account

Once you are done inputting all the valid information, then click on INTEGRATE button.

The system will successfully integrate your Jira account in a few seconds. The marked interface will be displayed.

JIRA Server


  • Users must have an existing Atlassian account, which requires: JIRA Software Credentials

Step 1: in the integration page, select Jira

Step 2: Check the "Jira Server" checkbox

Now you need to go through all of the previous steps mentioned above until you see the "Jira Server" checkbox:

Step 3: copy the project key from here

Please copy the project key. Here is an example for this:

Step 4: Input the “Domain name/organization / Jira server domain”

Domain name / Organization / Jira server domain is found in the url of the project. For example:

Step 5: Type the Jira Email and Authorization key

Create Jira Authorization key and generate a Jira api token.

Note: The Jira API token will be used as the Jira Authorization key.

Go to and click the “Create API token“ button for generating a new the API token.

Copy the API token and paste it in the Jira authorization key field.

Step 6: Integrate Jira Server

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