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IaC on GCR Scan


  • Google account
  • Created project in Google Console
  • Private repositories with images in Google Container Registry

Scan Public images

Go to ‘Applications’ -> ‘Scan’ -> ‘Other’ -> ‘GCR’ and insert name of the image you want to scan:
After the scan new application with the name of the image will be created:

Scan Private images

Step 1: Create a Service account.

Go to ‘Google console’ -> ‘IAM & Admin’ -> ‘Service accounts’ -> ‘Create service account’. Fill ‘Service account name’ and ‘Service account ID’:
In the next section select ‘Storage Object Viewer’ role:
Click on the created account and go to the ‘Keys’ tab. Create JSON key:
Credentials file will automatically download.

Step 2: Add Google Container Registry integration in CloudDefense.

Go to ‘Integrations’ -> ‘Container Coverage’ -> ‘Google Container Registry’. Choose downloaded credentials file:
Click ‘Configure’.

Step 3: Scan your private images.

After successful configuration you can scan your own images.
Go to the ‘Integrations’ -> ‘Container Coverage’ -> ‘Google Container Registry’ or ‘Applications’ -> ‘Scan’ -> ‘Other’ -> ‘Google Container Registry’ -> ‘Your own images’. Choose host and the image (images) you want to scan: