DAST Scans

Dynamic application security testing (DAST) is a process of testing an operating application or software product in order to identify potential security vulnerabilities and architectural weaknesses.

DAST Scan or Website Scan from CloudDefense UI

In DAST scan we provide a website address for example https://console.clouddefenseai.com and DAST scanner will check for vulnerabilities on the provided target.To Start a new DAST Scan from UI follow below steps:

Step 1 : Login Cloud Defense console instance

Please login to your Cloud Defense by clicking here

Step 2: Click on “Scan” on top and then select “Other”

Step 3: After clicking on “Other” select “DAST”

Step 4: Now you can run a simple scan by just providing Resource URL

If you want more control over your scanning configuration and features then you can use “Advanced options”

  1. Resource URL - Provide target address, example: https://console.clouddefenseai.com

  2. Login URL - Page where we can submit login credentials for example https://website.com/login.php

  3. Submit field - Name of Submit field which needs to be clicked automatically

  4. Username - This could be email, phone, username value which you use

  5. Username field - This is input field username’s name

  6. Password - This is part of your credential value

  7. Password field - This is input field password’s name

  8. Proxy Host - If your website is behind VPN and you have Proxy VPN Credentials for that, then provide Host from that credential

  9. Proxy Port - Provide Port number from your VPN Credentials

  10. Scan Type -

a) Website Scan - This is the fastest scan and it scans websites without sending a lot of requests to perform tests, you can also call it light-weight scan.

b) Deep scan - This scan takes more time and sends a lot of requests to perform different kinds of vulnerability checks.

DAST Scan from CLI

  1. Install cdefense CLI in your Device using these steps - https://github.com/CloudDefenseAI/cd#installation

  2. Now run below command to run DAST Scan from CLI

cdefense dast --api-key=<CLOUDDEFENSE_API_KEY> --url=https://website.com --project-name=example-website-scan --scan-type="full" --verbose

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