Scan a Github/Gitlab


  • You must have a valid Github/Gitlab/Azure account

1. Github/Gitlab Cloud

Step 1: Sign in or Integrate Github/Gitlab

Sign in with Github or Gitlab (or integrate them from the integration page if you are signing up by email or with any other IDP)

Step 2: Scan Repositories

If you are logged in with a GitHub/Gitlab account or integrate the accounts, it will redirect you to the Github/Gitlab Scan Page where you will see all of your repositories (both public and private). You can select any repository (or multiple) and run the scans.

Step 3: Scan any public repository.

You can scan any public Github or Gitlab repository using the input form (check below). Scan your public GitLab repositories in the marked option

2. Github/Gitlab Enterprise

Step 1: Contact CD Support to enable

By default, the option for Github/Gitlab enterprise is disabled. You need to contact CloudDefense support at [email protected] to enable the option. Please email us with these details:
  • Organization Name
  • Account email address

Step 2: Configure

Once your account is ready for integration, you will see the options to provide details as below:
  1. 1.
    Enterprise Link
  2. 2.
    Enterprise Access Token of Github and Gitlab
Once you provide the required information, click configure.
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1. Github/Gitlab Cloud
2. Github/Gitlab Enterprise